Kingston Upon Hull - Incorrect Boundary

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

Screenshot of incorrect area:

Description of problem: When you start a project with the location set as Kingston Upon Hull you get an incorrect boundary. The shape is not accurate and much of East Hull is left out.

Step 1: Start new project

Step 2: Location - Kingston Upon Hull

Step 3: Area displayed in map as the Hull boundary is incorrect (as shown in screen shot)

Solution: Update Kingston Upon Hull boundary to correct political boundary found here

this is one of the “standard” places in iNat that should have been adapted from GADM, i believe. looking at the GADM boundaries from, it looks like what ended up in the system is a simplified version of those GADM boundaries. not sure how easy or hard it would be to change at this point. iNat staff would have to do it.

just for reference, here’s the place in iNat:

and here’s the place that surrounds it to the north:

i’m not sure of the process to change such places nowadays. you may have to flag it in the main system.


@pisum Thanks for your helpful response :grinning:. Yes the boundary looks to be from the GADM. Thanks for the flagging link, I have raised another flag to accompany one from 2017. I hope INaturalist can review this shape as Hull is the regional urban centre and filtering down to this area would be practical for future users.

Closing to focus discussion at flag: