The observations are rejected to be add to my collection project as it says collection projects doesn’t allow direct submission

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Step 1:
My observations are created as usual, and its location and time being within the range of the project
Step 2: I add all the observations to the project from batch edit

Step 3: the page of the screenshot appears

No expert here, but the point of a collection project is that it will automatically collect the observations that match the project.

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I have looked into your project and it only accepts CASUAL observations. So it doesn’t include yours most of which are RG.
Edit: I am also not an expert, but a collection project usually needs a place. You say all your observation are in the location and time of the project, but you have neither set a location nor a time. That means the project will include all the observations from all the members from anywhere in the world, as long as they are casual = captive/ cultivated. I don’t really think this is your intention.

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