The order of Comments & ID should be the same no matter where you are

This is not something major, but it kind of bugs me that in the observation pages ( both on the app and in the site) the order is Comment on the Left, ID on the right, but on the Identify pop-up windows it is the reverse.
The user experience should be consistent.


Identify Pop-up:

Do you click on those button in Identify, or do you use the keyboard shortcuts?

I click on the button, usually.

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They were originally consistant, it got changed in one of the places because a button was too close to somewhere that was problematic if you missed with your click! It took a while to get used to the swap too…

Oh, I can find my way around it. My point is just that it would be a better user experience if it was consistent, rather than training the users.


Thanks star3, this explains why whe using my tablet to do some quick identifying late at night I have repeatedly thought I was experiencing a failure of connectivity somewhere…only to eventually find i was typing in the wrong place. I wondered why I was being so absent-minded.


Ah, OK. I will say the Identify page is designed to be used with keyboard shortcuts, it really makes it quite fast, so I recommend giving it a shot that way. Although yes, if you’re just using a touch screen the keyboard shortcuts aren’t an option. :/

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Yeah, I’m 50/50 between using my phone browser and a laptop. :)

Ok, if the order is optimized for speed on a keyboard , then I guess I want to update my request to specify the Observation page order should match the Identify page order.

P.S. I realize that if this does get approved, it’s going to be very far down the list of updates.