Totals not correct in identification tool

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The graph is showing the total based on the observations still to be identified.
2001 observations reviewed ! 2124 observations still to be assessed ! 4125 total.
It should be showing just about half.

Here is the graph for a casual selection of the same:
503 reviewed, 465 outstanding: total = 968

Here is the same url (top graph) for the observations:

What does Verifiable mean?

That means that there are photos or audio attached to the record.

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Not verifiable also includes no date, no locality, cultivated or otherwise casual. In other words Verifiable = Not.Casual.
For examples, for southern Africa:

or if you are bored: these southern african observations are faulty and need fixing. But the user is probably not even aware of it:
(note it excludes missing localities, or misplaced localities)

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This is broken across all my bookmarked URLs

Rest of Africa 114 of 107 lovely! But at the bottom of the screen 110 waiting

Western Cape 215 of 189. But almost 200 waiting

Kenya 602 of 549. But 550 waiting!

Overstrand 92 of 60. But another 60 waiting. And cleared.

Broad Plantae IDs 567 of 15? With about 20 waiting