Translation issue

The “a” dose not make any sense here. I can’t find this sentence in Crowdin. Can anyone help to change it?

If possible, delete “由” in the sentence as well.

Can you provide a link the the relevant post?

I believe zinogre posted a screencap of the drop down notifications list. There is the inclusion of the “a” or “由” in each notification.

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Without url is is difficult for people who do not understand chinese.

yup. you can see this if you change you language to Chinese (either Traditional or Simplified).

here’s an example of what i can see in the notification dropdown or in the dashboard page:

  • in Chinese(T): “pynklynx添加一個鑑定至由katgrazer的a 觀察”
  • in English: “pynklynx added an identification to an observation by katgrazer”

if we break down the Chinese (Traditional):

  • “添加一個鑑定至” = “add(ed) an identification to”
  • “由” = “by”
  • “的” = (a possessive, like 's)
  • “觀察” = “observe”, or “observation” in this context

so you don’t need “由” (“by”) because you’re already using the “的” possessive, and you don’t need the extra “a” because you don’t need an article when applying a possessive (just as “katgrazer’s an observation” would not make sense in English).

you have similar problems for (examples below in Simplified, just for variety):

  • (your observation) “jimsinclair将鉴定添加至由您的a 观察”
  • (a post) “paloma将评论添加至由loarie的a post (“A new kind of life list”)”
    (“post” above probably should be translated properly, too.)

@zinogre – thanks for identifying all these Chinese language issues. maybe once these are all fixed, it’ll make the system more accessible to a lot of Chinese speakers.


@pisum I agree the “由” is a bit redundant

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