Unable to edit or delete a conservation status

Platform: Website
Browser: Firefox & Chrome
URL: https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/321094-Cryptostylis-erecta

Screenshots of what you are seeing:
Two conservation statuses listed:

Only one editable:

Description of problem:
I am unable to edit or delete the ‘Endangered’ status for the taxon linked above. Initially the offending status was duplicated, I deleted the twin in hopes of clearing them both but that did not work. Adding a new status, deleting the new status and then adding it again had no effect.

There is a genus-level conservation status that is applied to all descendant taxa. This is definitely confusing as that’s not communicated, and I have been confused by similar circumstances in the past.

Tagging @peggydnew since this is related to Australian species and she may have been involved in adding the original statuses.

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Of course! The duplicate in the species threw me off, thanks!

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