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Platform: Website

Browser : Chrome

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Description of problem: The site gives me a blank page when I try to edit project settings. It does this for every one of my projects. As of my writing this it appears this is a new issue because I was able to edit a project just fine about 15-20 minutes ago. Reloading does not work

Same here. I sent in a ticket about it. It also wasn’t letting me upload a new location to my project :/

Me too.

ok it works now for me

We recently deployed a potential fix. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing problems

It worked! But I still can’t add a new location

Can you please describe the problem further? What do you mean by “add a new location”? Can you please provide a URL and reproduction steps. Thanks

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Step 1: Go to project you want to edit and click “Edit project”

Step 2: Begin typing in location, no “add location” option is given even though I have 50+ verified observations (no “new location” option) I want to create a polygon location around my university)

I don’t believe we’ve ever provided the option to create a place from the projects edit form. Is that what you were expecting to see? I’m still a little unclear what you’re experiencing or expecting. Can you associate an existing place with your project? If so then I don’t think there is a problem with the projects edit form. If you’re looking to create a new place you’ll need to create it at https://www.inaturalist.org/places/new, and once created you should be able to associate it with your project.

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Thank you so much. I thought you could just make it in the edit thing. I appreciate it!

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