Unable to update my new "Place"

After creating a new Place for my project, I wanted to refine the boundary for the place, but the changes to the place boundaries were gone by the next day.

Trying it again, it seems that the change is not reflected in my project now.

Left is the change I made from the Places edit page, right is the original boundary of the Place as shown on my project, which I had wanted to change.

The Place is Punakha Valley, and the Project is COMO Uma Punakha.

Any help on solving this would be greatly appreciated, as it is affecting the number of observations contributed to my project. Thank you!

when you changed the boundary, did you save the layer in the map (“save” on the map itself), as well as saving the changes to the place? It is a two step process, and it had me a little baffled the first time I modified a place.

Hi @kiwifergus yes I did, thanks for mentioning! The changes were successful yesterday but a project member had informed me that the boundaries were the same again earlier today.

Currently it seems that the newest changes have worked, but I am waiting to see if the same problem will happen again tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Let us know how you get on, if it continues to be a problem I can look at trying to recreate. I think staff are very busy at the moment with CNC, so if I can’t find it myself (or other iNatters on here) we can get staff’s attention.

Great bug rept, btw… well explained and exampled!

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when I look at the project, the polygon seems to match the place (your left picture in your original post).

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

Yes, it seems that the changes have stuck around, which is good.

I’m keeping this open as this is actually not the first time I have encountered this issue - several of my other Places and project boundaries had met with the same problem. Thankfully the boundary corrections have stayed after a few tries so far.

Nevertheless, it’s a pesky bug, and I hope it gets looked at or doesn’t happen again!

Have a great upcoming weekend :)

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It can sometimes take much longer than expected for changes to place boundaries to appear. I’m going to close this for now, but please feel free to message me or open a new flag if the place changes do not get saved after waiting for a couple hours after you made the change.