"Unknown" clade in YIR sunburst diagram

I was checking out my Year In Review 2019 (which was before I even joined iNat) and got to the sunburst diagram for observed taxa. In case anyone is not familiar with this, it basically shows all the taxa you observed during a specific year arranged taxonomically from Life (center) to species on the outer edges. This time it had a gray spot between Dragonflies (Anisoptera) and Skimmers (Libellulidae) that showed 0 observations and was labelled Unknown. It behaves like a normal taxon - you click it and the ones above it disappear while the ones below it enlarge, making it the center. But it obviously isn’t one, so why is it there?

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What page can year in review be viewed on?


Seems to be Anisoptera? Shows correctly for me.

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that spot represents superfamily Libelluloidea, which was created just a few days ago. probably indexing or the taxon change itself is incomplete for whatever reason. it looks like loarie was working on that taxon. so you could reach out to him to see what’s going on with that, if you like. otherwise, just wait for the thing to complete, i think.


I saw it also a few days ago, indeed Anisoptera.

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