Upload page very slow to load

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox 76.0.1 on a Mac

URLs: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/upload


Description of problem: The upload page takes very long to load in the last week or so, often 30 seconds to a minute. Based on the attached network trace, it looks like it is two pieces of static javascript that just take a long time to load.

It would help if those files got cached, but for whatever reason, my browser reloads them each time.

those files are not that large. is your connection just not that fast, or is it only those specific files that load slowly? (for example, if you were to open up an observation with a photo, would it take a long time for that photo to load on the page?)

it only takes a second or two for me to load the page, even when it’s loading those files from scratch (not cached), and my connection is not fast by local standards.

Since the whole shelter-in-place thing started, our internet has been spotty, but mostly OK. But I see this happening when other things on the net seem to be moving along as I would expect. I do sometimes see iNat photo loading go unreasonably slow too.

Partly, I reported this to see if it’s a widespread problem or just me.


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I haven’t gotten any other emails about this, and we believe it was probably a local internet issue. Are you still experiencing it?

Today it’s not happening. Maybe it was just an internet issue here, though I was puzzled that it seemed to persist for a week.