Upload Page Slow and Looking Very Strange

It takes the upload page a long time to load and it looks like it’s from 1997:

It will let me upload photos but it gets even stranger. Happens in both Chrome and Firefox.
Rest of iNat seems to work ok.

Location picking:

I don’t know why it’s slow for you, but when you see symptoms like this it means you’re not getting a necessary file (specifically, a stylesheet). I’d try clearing your browser cache and ensuring iNat is not getting blocked or partially blocked or throttled by some anit-malware software on your machine or something upstream of you, e.g. your ISP or something else on a local network between you and the Internet.


@kueda thanks definitely does look like CSS isn’t loading. It’s something upstream of my LAN (cleared all caches, disabled all anti-malware, restarted machines, and replicated on another machine). Time to call the ISP…gotta have my iNat…thanks again.

OK, so verified it is my ISP (I think) by using a VPN and everything works fine. Anybody have any ideas why an ISP would want to partially block iNat?

Blocking some files from a domain and not others seems unlikely. Maybe they have some kind of caching system in place designed to make oft-requested files load faster, and the cache got corrupted somehow. Probably not much use speculating, though. If you’re sure it’s your ISP, then only they can really provide the answer.

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