Long photos uploading

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

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Step 1: Open “Upload observation” page and put several phosos.

Step 2: Wait them to upload.

Some photos uploaded fast, about 3-5 seconds per image, but other do very long time, some eveno more than a minute. When I look to the devtools, I see that request to endpoint https://www.inaturalist.org/photos stay at the step “waiting for server response” or “Request sent”.

I’m not sure if this problem is on server side, provider, or somewhere between. In general there in no problem with site loading or id suggestion with the same observations.

Not sure if I should rather add a different bug:

I am having the opposite problem:

Website Chrome.
pictures not downloading. have cleared my cache, rebooted, but still after 20 minutes I still have

and the ID/Curation tool is unworkable.

your issue seems unrelated to this thread. see https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/cc-licensed-images-not-loading-and-then-painfully-slowly-in-south-africa/35994/7.

Yes : it appears to be the same - but that bug is closed.

Am getting reports from other users here of the same issue.

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The observations and map upload normally, but the pictures are not coming through.

as noted in that other thread, you probably need to call your ISP to address the issue. it’s unlikely iNat staff can do anything to help here.

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Same problem here. After more than 1 minute the photo at https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/173271306 has not loaded. It starts painting (1/8th complete) and then gives up.

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Ok, https://mybroadband.co.za/news/fibre/503508-slow-internet-speeds-in-south-africa-break-in-undersea-cables.html.

Break in undersea cables off the Congo


Do those images consistently take a long time to load, if you try again? If so, can you share them either here on the forum or to help@inaturalist.org so we can try to replicate the issue where we are? Sharing via Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar method would be best, to retain the photos’ metadata.

Perhaps related to the broken undersea cable?
Cannot click thru to profile pages. I get a fail whale.
PS - working again.

Got the idea, thank you! I’ll check and try to find if there is any consistency and connection with files.

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