Pictures loading incredibly slow

Lately pictures are loading extremely slow. They ofthen take more than 10s to load, sometimes even minutes. iNaturalist always had days where performance was bad, but it always went back to normal for me. But since lately it keeps loading slow, it hasnt gotten better for weeks. As an IDer this it terrible for me, i cant make IDs like this, its so frustrating.
No this is not a Problem of my Internet connection. I have this issue persistent over many different internet connections (>100mbit/s), devices and browsers.

Please fill out the information that was asked for when you started this topic, like browser, URLs of specific pages, and (potentially) screenshots. Without specific details it’s almost impossible for us to help you.

I’d be espeically curious if you see any difference loading these two photos:

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(For me the second one takes a moment, first one was instant - and our internet is slow)


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Same result as @dianastuder. The “static.inaturalist” pic loads almost instantly. The Amazon Web Services pic took 18 seconds to load (I timed it).

@tiwane Sorry if I should be posting in another thread. I’m new to Discourse. I see that you merged two posts.

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Are you experiencing the same issue as @jf920 described in their original post for this topic?

Yes: pictures are loading slowly, and it’s not a problem with my internet connection

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OK, thanks. iNat stores photos in two different locations based on whether they have a Creative Commons license or not (see more here). It looks like images with a Creative Commons license are loading more slowly for you, and most images on iNat have a Creative Commons license.

I suspect there’s some sort of throttling going on by your internet service provider (ISP) for photos coming from Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it as it’s happening downstream from us, I recommend reaching out to your ISP and ask them if they’re throttling or restricting traffic from

Does the same thing happen if you’re on mobile data or on a wifi network from a different ISP - like at an office or coffee shop?

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Picture 1 is instantly. Picture 2 ist loaded half after nearly 3 minutes of waiting.

No Problem on mobile data. But i am able to replicate the issue at my parents wifi which use a different ISP.

For me the first photo is almost instant, and the second photo only takes a second longer. I don’t see a really noticeable difference between the two in loading times, and, interestingly, I have a slow internet connection that usually causes problems when too many people are online.

EDIT: Just tried it again and both photos were instant.

If im informed correctly, where i live (Germany), ISPs must comply to Net neutrality, so that shouldnt be the issue

To me, first image loads instantly, second takes one or two seconds.

I’m in Italy, FTTH connection, Chrome browser, Fastweb ISP.

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I believe that there were previously issues with folks in Germany reporting throttling/blocking of AWS images, maybe here?:

previous reports seemed to indicate congestion more than throttling or blocking:

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I have the same issue since a few days… it’s the same on my laptop (firefox) and my phone (chrome)

With the test pictures I experience the same as most before me said - second one loads much slower