Uploading from Seek after being offline

I’ve just returned from a walk where I have had no signal on my phone but I have taken quite a few observations using Seek. How do I now upload those to iNaturalist once I have a signal again?

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Welcome to the forum! I’m not a regular Seek user (version 2.12.5 on iPhone), but I recently used it to try to figure it out. In the process, I found this helpful, but possibly outdated, guide: https://static.inaturalist.org/wiki_page_attachments/SeekUserGuide2020.pdf There is a section beginning on page 14 about posting to iNaturalist, which indicates that you can upload to iNaturalist only right after making the observation. My experience with using Seek is that you can make an observation and if there is no wifi connection, your observation will be uploaded automatically when you do get a wifi connection (the app told me in advance that would happen). However, at a later time when I used Seek, the automatic uploading notice did not pop up, but was replaced by one that said I would be able to upload when I had wifi, and when I got home there was no automatic uploading, although I was still able to get my observations uploaded with an extra step or two. I don’t understand why the experiences differed. If it turns out that you can’t upload the observations directly from Seek now, you can still make observations on the iNaturalist website directly from the photos on your phone.

For the posting later from Seek to iNaturalist to happen, you need to have your location, iNaturalist, and Seek settings already set up on your phone. I hope this helps.


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