Post Seek observations onto iNaturalist long after making them

So I know that Seek gives you the option to post observations made on that app to iNaturalist right as you make them, but what about if you opt not to and then change your mind later? Or if you forget that the option to do so even exists?

I’ve made a few IDs with Seek that I forgot to post on iNaturalist, so I’d love it if the app were to give me the option to post them.

It would be great, if seek could do that… somewhen…
As a Newbie, I asked for solutions a few days ago.
You can add it manually under your observations on inat.
I did that with a picture of a snake. - But you have to put in where you have seen it, to upload it.
So when you like to upload an old picture of just say… a mushroom and you don’t know near which village or so you took that photo… you are lost I suppose. :(

  • At least I don’t know if there is a way to look it up in seek…

But, I am a Newbie, so maybe there is a solution for that…

Seek isn’t designed to be one’s main avenue for posting to iNaturalist, which is why the posting function is limited to the time of the observation’s creation. If you still have the photo(s), you can use the iNaturalist app or the web uploader at to add them to iNaturalist.