View more photos directs to wrong URL


Submitting based on a flag put in by a user.

Clicking the View More under the photos on this species leads to a different URL structure than is typical for this function. I suspect the URL is getting malformed due to the exceptionally ugly common name string. I did not want to change that to allow devs to review.

Flag reference # 351962

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There seems to be a general problem with handling urls for taxa that have scientific names with extra stuff after the standard binomial part.

Exactly the same issue occurs with the Budgerigar, which, as with the Cockatiel, has separate taxa to distinguish between the wild and domestic types: Melopsittacus undulatus and Melopsittacus undulatus (domestic f. type).



Yes, I think such “extra stuff” is generally discouraged when creating taxon names, probably for reasons just like this. If it can’t be handled with one of the standard or “special” taxon ranks, then it probably shouldn’t be in the iNat taxonomy.



There is a pending taxon change for budgies which has apparently failed to resolve this issue (see the somewhat lengthy comments).