Viewing your own user stats?

I was wondering if there’s a way to see stats for myself like most observations/most species I’ve recorded in a single day. Anyone know?

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it just depends on what kinds of stats you’re trying to get. if you’re trying to get a peak observation day, then you can start by getting a count of observations for all days in a range. from there, you can graph it, or you can just pick out the day(s) with the highest observation count.

the easiest way to get number of observations by day is by using the observation histogram API endpoint (!/Observations/get_observations_histogram). here’s the count by day for my observations since 2010:

update: if you have any ideas for tools to generate useful stats, make them known here, and i might make some (assuming they don’t already exist) next time i have some time to kill and am in a mood for coding…


i made this to help present the results of the observation histogram API endpoint in a more user-friendly format:
the source code is here:

2 Likes will also give you a graph of number of observations per day through the year.

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That is neat! I ran it for last year when I had my driving trip to Yellowstone. I took picgtures at every stop, so the replay on the map gets interesting then. :)

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