Tools to run stats on my own activities/observations

I’d love to run reports and simple descriptive statistics on my own observations and activities.

Some would be about activities in the field, for example:

  • how many obs did I upload over time
  • how many obs did I make over time (e.g., observed in 2006 but uploaded this year)
  • distribution by continent (country?) of obs
  • what was my average number of posted obs per outing (defined on the basis of date/place)
  • plot all the places I found a given class/genus/species
  • plot everything I found in a given place (I photomonitor a reserve & this could help make sense of what I see)

Others would be about my in-iNat activities - mostly tho not all around data quality. I’d like to see if my IDs are improving, by what factors they vary, etc. Some examples might be:

  • how many of my obs started out as angiosperm and ended up as species, by me or the community (plus drill down to the obs), categorized by species/order, time, etc.
  • how many times I IDed an obs that was changed by the community, categorized by genus/class etc., by geography, over time (am I getting better/more careful?),
  • how many IDs an obs received (on average, maybe categorized by genus, or geography…) - for those that don’t get any, go and find a relevant expert & ask for help.

I know some of this kind of info exists here and there - I stumble on them occasionally - but to have them all grouped together on a “reports” or “analysis” page would be brilliant. If it already exists, please forgive the above treatise and point me there!

Anyway, thanks for reading :-) Kit NotYourAverageCatLady

You’re right to suspect that some of these tools already exist - check out this link, and try changing the year in the URL:

Some others you can get at via the Observation search. Go to “Your Observations” at the top of the page, and then open the Filters to select the “Your Observations” checkbox. You can type in the species box to select a species/genus/class etc.

For observations that were changed by the community, this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but what you can find are maverick IDs (where the community ID differs from yours). You can review those here:

That doesn’t address all your requests, but covers quite a few I think!

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It does indeed! Thank you!

I tried doing that for my account, and it tells me the stats have not been generated for 2018! Is there something we need to do to generate them?

found it, you need to generate them before they become available…

Here’s a link that should work for everyone to get their own stats:
And yeah you have to scroll down to the bottom and “Regenerate Stats” to update them.


@upupa-epops that works seamlessly…Thanks! That’s soooo fun to look at.


I think I remember when this came out, and I looked at it and thought it was gimicky… having now spent an hour playing with it, this is so cool!

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