Voting 2022 photography competition

-Clicking a box goes with the photo below it.
-Please look at all 20 photos before voting.
-Three votes each.
-NO voting for your own photos.

  • Picture 1- Toad-chic image

  • Picture 2- Grey heron image

  • Picture 3- atop a ridge

  • Picture 4- unnamed image

  • Picture 5- Grabbing a Bite image

  • Picture 6- Vega Gull Eye image

  • Picture 7- Carmine skimmer image

  • Picture 8- Sawfly larva Camouflaged on Fern image

  • Picture 9- Great Egret image

  • Picture 10- Unknown ichneumon in the moth trap image

  • Picture 11- Brown Pelican image

  • Picture 12- Grass Skipper image

  • Picture 13- Against the Current image

  • Picture 14- A forest of slime molds image

  • Picture 15- Egret and Otter at Dawn image

  • Picture 16- Russet Percher

  • Picture 17- Kodiak Bear and Pet Rock image

  • Picture 18- Yellowjacket covered in pollen image

  • Picture 19- Alpine Accentor image

  • Picture 20- A Costa Rican Icon image

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Happy voting.


Lots of nice photos! Might want to stress to folks that the click box goes with the photo below.


Wow. Amazing views of the world. So hard to pick only three.


There will be multiple votes, correct? Not every person who submitted photos is represented here, including yours truely.

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I never even saw any announcement or post about a competition.


See: 2022 photography competition

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It was announced that they would pick the top 20. Think of these as the finalists, after the elimination rounds. None of mine are here either.


I abstain my vote in petition due to not a single plant being present.


What were the criteria for choosing the top 20?? I thought it was going to be based on number of votes

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In formats where entries are just listed in order of them being entered the most votes generally goes to the first few that were entered, and later entries don’t even get seen.

The only way to make a selection process fair is to have lal entries hidden until they all come in, then display them in a random grid that changes each time someone loads the page.

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Although I still voted I agree with your point of plants being under represented (not represented at all) in the “top 20”.


This was not the case. I was one of the first to submit pics to the entry and none of my pics are here. Also you can’t vote individual photos in the entry post; you can only like the post of the person.

There was no criteria. They probably have a judge body and they picked the 20 they thought were best to do the voting (i think they wanted to pick more but the iNat voting thing for forum posts allow only 20 items).

This is a fair competition and I love the finalists. It will be a tough choice…


Not complaining. just curious as to who is “they” who picked the top 20.
Not sure I could pick 20 out of all the amazing photos.

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I agree! I think the judges did a great job. I just went back to the submission thread and there are so many good ones on there!

As with any form of art it’s fun to think of any biases we might have in judging a photo. For example, I noticed the photos I was most amazed by were those which were of organisms I am not very familiar with. There is that initial awe still of seeing something that you had never realized existed. Conversely, there are a lot of great bird photos on here but I think my eye is much more critical of those since they are what I am familiar with and have spent lots of time looking at, taking photos of, and looking at photos of.

Beyond just that there is the means in which you are observing photos. Having used my computer and phone, different photos stand out more on each. Viewing area is larger on a computer and thus pictures appear bigger, allowing for the subject to be smaller within an image and more background info/context overall. Photos where the subject was bigger caught my eye more than the others on mobile.

At the end of the day I think it’s important to recognize that while there is a winner there is no best or worst, art is subjective and appreciation lies within the eye of the observer!


I am amazed by the curiosity we ALL share, photo in the final 20 or no. The fun of sharing interests and viewing them with an eye for art exemplifies the human spirit.


At least there’s a slime mold keeping it from being all Animalia


Sorry about the lack of plants, and unfortunately I can’t change the poll after 5 minutes, But will make sure I add a lot more plants next year.


I thought the lack of plants was by design. The original rules included: “must contain some form of wildlife, excluding humans.” Wildlife biology/photography is usually understood as being limited to studying/photographing animals. If it was worded as a “nature photography” competition, including “flora and/or fauna” for example, it would sound more welcoming of other groups such as plants, fungi etc. If that is the intent, rewording the rules in the future I think would result in a lot more non-animal submissions.


Since the 80s the definition of “wildlife” has expanded and plants are generally included in the term now:

Wildlife traditionally refers to undomesticated animal species, but has come to include all organisms that grow or live wild in an area without being introduced by humans.

Wildlife defined: For purposes of these guidelines, wildlife is defined as all forms of life that are wild (including plants, animals and microorganisms).


I’m aware of that, but not everybody is and with iNat being an international community I’m not sure every non-native speaker of English knows either. E.g. the translation for “wildlife” into German is “Tierwelt” - literally “animal world.”

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