Website Uploader says "Unable to Upload"

I don’t know whether this is a bug or not. I have never seen this screen before when uploading photos on the website:

I can see my photos in Photos on my MacBook Pro and on my iPhone. I’m not tech savvy, but I used to upload my photos using using Photos and the web uploader with no problem.

I know I’m not being specific enough, so if I just had some idea of the possible things that would make this screen come up I’ll check them out.

My macOS Monterey 12.3.1 and Safari 15.4 are up to date, I think:

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 7.02.14 PM

i notice in your first screenshot, there’s “RAW” right above the “Unable to Upload” message. If you’re trying to upload a RAW file, i don’t think iNat accepts those. JPEGs and a few other image file formats should work, though.


I have heard the terms, but I don’t understand them. I never tried to upload any kind of files, or change any photo files. I would always just take a photo with my camera, let my wifi put them in Photos automatically, and I would either upload them as they were or after cropping or brightening them. That’s it. I have the same camera now, but a new iPhone 13 Pro. The iPhone is a disappointment because the web uploader doesn’t like it’s HEIC, so I wanted to go back to my regular camera. But now I can’t get to any of my photos through the web uploader. I can’t choose the camera photos only, because this new screen doesn’t allow me to see my photos.

Just check what you shoot in, RAW or JPEG? What happens when you drag photo into uploader?

JPEG, so I guess I can upload by dragging my photos onto my home screen and then dragging them again into the uploader, but it was so much easier to be able to access Photos and just select them all at once. I’m not sure all the dragging would be better than using the iNat app to make observations one by one, but at least I know the dragging will work if I want to do it. Thanks.

I only worked with Mac a long time ago, but can’t you choose all photos you need right from the folder?

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Probably. I tried looking, but I will need to get a friend to help me if I have to do it that way. I was hoping the old way would still work because it was so simple and fast.

Thank you, @pisum. Apparently I had the wrong box checked for my iCloud photos. I unchecked “Download Originals to This Mac” and checked “Optimize Mac Storage” and was able to select a photo and get it to appear on the uploader.


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