Well established charity urban greenspace in Glasgow, need to register our garden as a place!

The Hidden Gardens is Scotland’s sanctuary gardens dedicated to peace. We want to encourage our community to use iNaturalist to record the wildlife they observe in the gardens. We need to register our site as a place on the app but as none of the team has 50 verified observations we are stuck. Can anyone help us?

Is it this location? https://www.google.com/maps/place/The+Hidden+Gardens/@55.8401751,-4.270529,17z/

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I would suggest continuing to use iNaturalist and making the required number of observations. The goal here is to ensure that users have some more sustained engagement and familiarity with the platform before allowing access to one of the more resources intensive aspects of the platform (place creation). It isn’t too difficult to make 50 observations, so hopefully someone in your group can do this in a day or two!


Yes! That’s us :)

We will try! It was to allow for us to get going sooner, but we will do our best :)


Welcome to iNat! :)
For getting to the 50 required observations, I recommend getting a botanist’s loupe (or even a clip-on macro lens for your phone) and taking a walk. It’s amazing how fast observations rack up that way. :D

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