What additional privileges (if any) does Regular status in this forum actually provide?

When I look at the forum’s “Regular” badge, it reads:

This badge is granted when you reach trust level 3. Thanks for being a regular part of our community over a period of months. You’re now one of the most active readers, and a reliable contributor that makes our community great. You can now recategorize and rename topics, take advantage of more powerful spam flags, access a private lounge area, and you’ll also get lots more likes per day.

I think I’ve achieved Regular status, and yet I don’t see any indications that I’m able to recategorize and rename topics or have access to a private lounge area. I have spam flags, though I’m not sure how much more powerful they are, and I’m able to like things, though I’m not sure if my ability to do so is enhanced.

Can any other Regular users out there (non-moderators / non-staff) verify that they’ve actually been able to take advantage of the noted additional privileges?


Yeah I just asked @tiwane the same question earlier today. Do you see a pencil or wrench icon next to any users’ first post in their topics? Might have to click the three dots to see more options. Or a pencil icon next to their topic title?

There is no private/regulars only category.

More on the default trust levels here https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/

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I think you get additional votes also. I was Regular, was less active for a while and thus I think lost the status, and tried to free up votes by removing them from things I’d voted for. This only had the effect of removing the votes - I didn’t get a new vote in compensation. Thus I think my total number of votes was smaller than it had been when I had Regular status.


nope. no signs of being able to edit any other user’s stuff.

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My understanding of this is that you can recategorize and rename your own topics, which I couldn’t do before I reached Regular status. Seems a strange limitation to have, I wonder why this is?

Huh, yeesh. Other than not allowing topics to be moved into the more “restricted” categories like #feature-requests, that seems like a bad limitation.

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Nothing here either

Hm, I tried with a test account that is just at user trust level=basic and was able to edit the topic title and category of a topic I created.


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than I have no idea :)

Yes, according to this post, you get two extra votes as a Regular (TL3) user (assuming the defaults haven’t been changed since then).

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@tiwane raised them all to 100


Oh, okay - thanks. I hardly ever use them, so I didn’t notice. Is there anywhere you can look to see how many votes, likes, and so on you have available?


Not that I’m able to find. I think I recall only one person saying they had run into the limit on likes per day, so I don’t think it’s a big problem except maybe for new users catching up on reading topics.

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@bazwal Just noticed/remembered it does say how many votes you have left when you vote on something:



The trusted_users_can_edit_others setting is turned off, currently, which is why “Regular” (weird name, maybe we should come up with better names for each trust level? Insect life stages?) users don’t have any special powers.

If we turn that setting on these will be the abilities for Regular (Trust Level 3) users:

Trust Level 3

Trust Level 3 users can edit topic titles and recategorize topics that are in a category they have permission to create topics in. Trust Level 3 users cannot edit archived topics or personal messages.

Trust Level 3 users cannot edit the content of other user’s posts.

And for Trust Level 4 (you need to be manually promoted by staff to TL4):

Trust Level 4

Trust Level 4 users can edit topic titles and recategorize topics that are in a category they have permission to create topics in. Trust Level 4 users can edit archived topics, but they cannot edit personal messages.

Trust Level 4 users can edit post content for topics they have permission to create posts in.

(taken from https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-does-the-trusted-users-can-edit-others-setting-do/92143)

Anyone object to this setting being turned on?


Could you elaborate on this or give a hypothetical example of an edit of an archived topic? “And same of editing post content for topics”


I don’t think we’ve used the archived topic feature here. But editing a post means just that. I have, for example, edited another user’s post to fix broken code or broken links.

No one is Trusted Level 4 at this point, but moderators and staff can edit posts.


So just to fix code and links? Not to change the words that someone posted?


To be clear, someone at Trust Level 3/Regular can’t edit content of posts, just the title of a topic (eg for this topic “What additional privileges (if any) does Regular status in this forum actually provide?”) or move a topic from one category to another (eg from General to Bug Reports). That’s it.

@bouteloua is a moderator, and moderators can edit the content of posts, but that’s generally only happened a handful of times, and those edits should be free for anyone to see. The original poster is also notified when this happens. I think it’s pretty much only been done to fix links and such.


It allows words too. It’s a pretty serious tool to be able to edit someone else’s posts, so yeah, just a tool for User Level 4, which is users selected by staff. The edits to posts are tracked the same as when you edit your own post (after the grace period).

We could also just decide not to allow anyone to have User Level 4 (again, no one is at that level right now).