What do snails of the genus Papillifera eat?


I couldn’t find any information on the diet of snails of the genus Papillifera.

Can you tell me more ?

I don’t know about Papillifera genus in particular, but it’s a clausiliid, and those eat stuff that grows on stones and wood, rotting and otherwise - algae, fungi, lichens probably. Whether or not they will also eat conventional snail food, like veggies, I don’t know. Possibly not.
If you intend to keep Papilliferas as pets, I think it will require some trial and error and it may not be easy. Here’s a paper about cultivating another clausiliid, Bulgarica cana in a lab, see the section “MaterIal and Methods”. Papilliferas will probably require something along the same lines.

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Looking at the iNat observations of this genus, most of the photos show a snail either on moss, or on a lichen-covered rock. Those photos taken in France that show them on natural substrate all show lichen-inhabited rocks. While this is only a loose indication, I guess the Papillifera you have are probably lichenovores.

OK, thanks for the information.

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