When using the Forum app, offer to open iNaturalist links in iNat app


When using the iNatForum app, at least on Android, links to iNat observations/taxa pages automatically open the full web site. The web site is not particularly mobile friendly. The request is for an option to open an iNat link in the iNat app. I searched but did not turn up a similar request, pardon me if I missed such a request or this capacity already exists. Other apps behave this way, offering to open links in the native app, usually with the option “Just once” or “Always”.


Moved it to this category because it relates to the Forum and not directly to iNat. I’m not sure this is possible but we can look into it.

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From what i can tell the discourse app isn’t really a full app but just opens Discourse in a browser window on the phone and offers notofications - so I am not sure if this would work - of course others would be able to tell you more than I. I personally find the app really problematic for trying to look at other people’s observations, so would not want links to open in the app, even when viewing on the phone.

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That’s my impression also, so perhaps there is no functional way to accomplish my request. If this request is not possible, feel free to close this thread.

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