Where is forum's how-to-use?

I wanted to use the “quote” feature but I couldn’t find a tutorial for using the Forum. Now that I have accidentally hit the right buttons when selecting text to quote and have earned my “Quote Badge” the badge comes with instructions on how to quote.

BlockquoteThe easiest way to quote is to highlight a section of a post, and then press any reply button. Quote generously!

Now you tell me?


The only place I know of is the Discourse forum. I googled your question: https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-do-i-quote-someone/48326

we can also ask @discobot!

If you start a private message to @discobot then write:
@discobot start new user

You will be taken through a tutorial which includes a how-to on quoting


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

You should have received a message as soon as you signed up that had links to some instruction pages - did you receive those messages?

I did, on Feb 7–completely forgot until you asked and I went looking for the message.

Ah, yes! At the end of paragraph 2 of the 7-paragraph welcome message it says “Discourse also has a New User Guide available.”
I should have read it more carefully. Thanks, Tiwane and paloma!

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