Which new species was observed in my project?

We have a project called Vermont Moths - when we get a new species, I can’t figure out a way to determine WHAT that new species is. When I go to 1500 species, I get a list that says how many obs for each species but it only seems to go down to 19 obs for the species. help!

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The only way I know to do this efficiently is to use the API under identifications/recent_taxa:

e.g. this URL for moths in Vermont:

In that jumble of code, you can look for where it says “observation”:{“id”: and then a long number, which indicates the observation ID, which you can plug into the URL to find.

A few moth taxa recently observed for the first time in Vermont include:

There’s also the “Discoveries” section on taxon pages under the Trends tab, but that only works for “complete” taxa and also won’t work for a paraphyletic group like moths.

The other option is to download your data and use Excel or similar to summarize it. In Excel, the simplest way is to:

  1. sort the table from oldest to newest by the observation date column
  2. select the whole table
  3. use “remove duplicates”, and look for duplicates in only the species name column

The resulting list will show you the first observation of each species for the project.

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thank you both SO MUCH!!

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