Whoops Error uploading on iOS app

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Step 1: choose photos

Step 2: choose ID

Step 3: process fails

Something wrong with my phone?

This has happened several times this week.

This is usually due to adding the observation to a project but the observation doesn’t meet the project’s requirements. Are you trying to add the observation to a project?

No, no project involved. Just uploading. Usually, a 2nd or 3rd attempt works fine, except this one SOML obs persistently fails to upload.

FWIW, when I changed the ID from Stateofmatter Life to nothing (Unknown), This record successfully uploaded and I stopped getting the Whoops msg.

I’ve gotten the whoops message Every

time I uploaded a record in the iOS app, presumably, because it was having trouble uploading the record labeled state of matter life.

Can you share a screenshot of that observation’s details by going to it, clicking on Edit, and then taking a screenshot? I don’t think it’s the ID, I was just able to upload something IDed as life.


This has been ID now, but I tried to upload it as state of matter life and had multiple whoops errors. Each time I tried to upload something after, although the newer records would go in, the, from the state of life observation would repeat So I deleted any ID and just uploaded it as unknown. for some reason, I don’t know why, that worked.