Why can't I undo my observation being wrongly flagged as captive/cultivated?

I don’t know who, but someone flagged my observation of a jellyfish washed up on the beach as captive/cultivated which, made it casual grade. I went to edit the post to de-select the captive/cultivated option but after my observation was synced it was still casual grade, and it’s stuck like this. If I have to I’ll delete and re-upload this observation, But I don’t like it when my observations aren’t in chronological order.

Could’ve been done accidentally. I voted for wild.

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Doesn’t iNat ask “Are you sure?” when you go to flag an observation as captive/cultivated?

Also your vote seems to have fixed the problem, thanks.

Just as a note, you can see who has voted for any DQA item by clicking on the number next to the vote. In the future, I would suggest doing so and then commenting with a tag or messaging the user to ask them about their vote in a polite manner. If there is confusion, you can provide assurance that the organism wasn’t captive. You can also vote yourself, which will cancel out any one vote for captive.


No, it doesn’t ask and for good as it saves slowly already, you can always vote against that and tag the voter so they could withdraw it, linking observations with names shown is better to avoid on the forum. It’s a good practice to check your own cultivated observations once a month to see if someone voted where it’s wrong or iNat voted or even you could vote accidentally, it’s helpful.

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Nope! And it also has a keyboard hotkey (“x”) which a lot of people seem to hit accidentally. To counteract it you have to go vote in the Data Quality area - editing the observation won’t work, since it wasn’t you who voted it captive in the first place.


Oh, I didn’t know that was a feature.

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