Wild Achievements

A couple of years ago I put together a small website that analyses your iNaturalist observations and shows your progress towards a list of achievements I came up with. I recently revamped the website a bit and thought I’d share it again for any that might be interested:


It makes use of the iNaturalist API to fetch the data. For users with thousands of observations it might take a while and do many calls to fetch all the data. I try to throttle it in order to keep to the API’s usage limits, hence why it pauses between requests.


Very cool idea. I look forward to seeing what achievements I hit when it finally finishes.


Cool idea!
I’m trying but it seems to be stuck at “Fetching the next 200 observations from iNaturalist… (10000 of 16000 fetched so far)”; hasn’t moved at all in the last quarter hour.
Also, is 16k a hard cap? I have 22k obs/19k IDs.


Same for me!
Second try:

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As a die hard fan of using the “RetroAchievements” service, for older video games, it’s wild to me that there’s a similar website available for iNat. Will definitely be fun, thanks!


@henrydelange will you investigate this? I restarted it and it still stopped at 10k.

I think I’m still waiting?

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mine is stuck on 10,000 too

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Regarding the cap at 10 000, it seems to be coming from iNaturalist. The API documentation states that a person is limited to 10 000 requests per day, but they seem to also have a cap in place to prevent requesting more than 10 000 observations. So for now it seems to be capped at that, sorry.

If people enjoy this and show an interest then I might try to reach out and find out if there is a way to fetch more than 200 records at a time (thus needing to do less calls), as well as getting the taxon rank in the observation response (thus eliminating the need to fetch them independently).

The 16 000 cap is the default cap I use in the code, but you can increase it by using the limit URL parameter, for example ?limit=20000 will make it 20 000. Which is a bit pointless at the moment since the API seems to prevent you from fetching more than 10 000 observations.

(Alternatively to the using API I can try to see how the Export feature works and try to use that instead, but that would be less ideal.)


I found an API Recommended Practices page which I haven’t seen before. It mentions the 10 000 records cap.

I’ll take a closer look and make any necessary changes to better align with the recommendations.


Cool website! I’m pretty proud of my 5 achievements.

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After a full hour of running in the background, I was stuck on 0% progress. though the page indicates it is Loading Achievements by the circling arrow. I refreshed the page, and within 15 minutes the indicator bar is now moving. The program seems a bit glitchy at my end, at 1600 (not 16,000) the program “stalls”, even though the indication is “Loading Achievements” with a circling arrow after 2 attempts to refresh … After a full day of refreshing, the program only “fetches” 1600 of the 3140 observations then stalls. Good idea, but the program does not include all users apparently.

It is loading for me right now… had also to refresh the page once. Are the meaning of those achievements explained somewhere?

EDIT: never mind…after it was done loading I dared to click the achievements and found it :-)

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Mine never worked even after letting it run for hours … just a spinning wheel.

did you refresh the page? It worked for me afterwards

No! i just closed the tab. Perhaps, i will try again later. Thank you for the idea.

It´s fun! lthough I do not understand all of the achievments fully (or maybe some bugs), but that´s fine.

Here are mine, based on my 8600 most recent observations… it is missing the last few 186 observations, don´t know why… but would probably not change much in my case

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I think mine above had played out the best it could seeing that there is a limit. It looks like I had engaged 25% of the possible achievements? 16 of those 32 were completed. Were the 25% the 16 or the 32? And then from those achievement engagements I received a percentage score that gave a status such as legend, expert, proficient, novice, casual. It would have been nice to save the results so that I could look them up later since it took so long to generate. I did it late at night so shut things down. It would be nice to get some speed and maybe a higher cap but you are here showing the tool to quite a lot of power users and even a 16000 would be too low. Is each achievement fetched? Is it possible to let the user sample a time frame?

@henrydelange: Makes a nice app for looking at achievemnents with iNat API
iNat Forum Users: Stress the heck out of it with thousands and tens of thousands of observations and identifications


This is fun :)

Wow! I had no idea I had observed so many different classes!

11 Fungal Classes: Leotiomycetes, Pezizomycetes, Arthoniomycetes, Exobasidiomycetes, Atractiellomycetes, Dacrymycetes, Sordariomycetes, Agaricomycetes, Lecanoromycetes, Tremellomycetes, Mucoromycetes

9 Plant Classes: Bryopsida (some mosses), Sphagnopsida (more mosses), Leafy Liverworts, Lycophytes, Ferns, Conifers, Monocots, Dicots, Ulvophyceae (some algae)

14 Animal Classes: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Ray-finned Fish, Insects, Arachnids, Entognathans (springtails, etc.), Centipedes, Millipedes, Malacostracans (some crustaceans), Clitellates (some segmented worms), Gastropods, Bivalves

2 Slime Mold Classes: Myxomycetes, Ceratiomyxomycetes