Add a default search for license(s) in account settings

Currently, it is possible to set default language/locale and search place in the account settings to tailor the behaviour of the user interface.

I really appreciate this. Is it possible to add the option to select the default license? I am applying the least restrictive license to my content on iNaturalist and prefer to annotate equally open license first before diving into more restrictive content. I can do this using the filter by going through the following steps:

It would be convenient if by setting the preferred license in the account settings we don’t have to repeat those steps every time when one would like to process openly licensed content.

You may want to read answer to this request:

I think that that is a different request, isn’t it? If I read it correct that request is about adding license information to thumbnails. I am proposing a default filter for licensed content based on select licenses. Which is already implemented but as a sequence of steps that need to be repeated every time. Or am I missing something?

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I think the alternative is to bookmark your search filter. Personally, I think it would be cool if iNat could internally store saved searches on each account, not just for licenses. I have a couple different searches I use regularly, and when I switch devices, it’s pretty inconvenient. But when similar requests have been made previously, the staff response has been to use browser bookmarks. :woman_shrugging:


Yes, just a food for thought, if staff don’t want to implement easier task than what you ask, chances are they’re against what you ask too, plus shouldn’t it be a private information if we talk about account settings?

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I don’t think he’s talking about knowing other people’s account settings per se, just the license on the observation (the filter just works at the observation level, not filtering for observations by users with specific settings).

Ah, right, read it wrong, well, it’s still kinda on the same level as that previous request? (and personally I would like it to be added)