Trouble with adding obs to my project

I made a project here and made it so that only observations found at this location can be added. However, this obs, which is at this location, is not showing up and I do not know why.

Here are the project requirements:

Taxa All taxa
Location Livingston Conservation District Nature Center, MI, US
Users Project Members Only
Projects Any
Quality Grade Research Grade, Needs ID
Media Type Any
Date Any
Establishment Any

This is honestly very frusterating, and everything I have tried is not working.
If anyone can provide any help, at least set another set of eyes on this, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you,
Gianna Coppola

looks like your accuracy radius is very large. more info here

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I believe your hyperlinks are not working, but my guess would be that it has to do with either the accuracy radius of your observation or with your project being a traditional project in which obs must be added manually.

@bouteloua @gijsroaming Thank you so much for the links and suggestions! It works now.


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