Add User Function working properly?

I am running an old school bioblitz for a large college science class. In the past we have added all the students to the bioblitz (there are around 500). However we can no longer add users as we did before. Either the add users function is not working (several different people have tried it using several different methods) or we have exceed new thresholds on numbers of users (?). Any ideas - is this a bug or a feature?

what kind of errors are you seeing? (screenshots of what you’re seeing might help us help you.)

The error that comes up for me is {“error”:“Not found”}

This is for the following bioblitz:

right now, you’re at 140 students (i think). try removing a student (A), save, then add a second student (B), save, then add back the first student (A). what happens?

Is 140 a limit?

I’m afraid taking users off and adding a new one did not work.

not sure. i was just noting the existing count.

even though you weren’t able to add a new student, try adding back the one you just removed. does that work?

No, unfortunately it does not. The “Done” and “Saving…” button was acting weird last week. It was a different error message and it worked, but it did not appear to be working properly.

so just to confirm, you’re able to remove users, but you’re not able to add users?

one strange thing that i notice is that you have several users set up twice on the project. so if you’re able to remove users, try removing these duplicates, and see if that frees up the block:

  • kkullick
  • lydia_hyde
  • mel0086
  • melrathel
  • saf0028
  • skipdonald

That must have been from the earlier bug when the “Done” button gave me an ambiguous response, so I tried saving multiple times. However I am not able to remove these users. I can x them but not save the action.

i was able to add duplicate users on a test project, but it didn’t cause any specific problems. (i was able to add and delete just fine after that.)

so it’s not ideal, but that’s probably not your particular issue.

try this. open up your browser’s developer tools. (in chrome, go to More Tools > Developer Tools… then look for the Network tab in that screen and click on that.

in that browser window delete a user, and try to save. if you get any errors, look in the Developer Tools window, and take a snapshot of anything shows up red with errors. also go to the Console tab in Developer tools, and capture any errors from there.

paste the screenshots in a post so others can see what you see.

Here are the errors. image

Error links go here:


hmmm… those are odd messages.

it’s even odder that it seems like you’ve been able to add and remove users since i last checked.

right now, it looks like you have 158 users included in your project, which is up from 140.
also, i see only 2 duplicated users now: melrathel, skipdonald. so it seems like that means you were able to remove users.

are you seeing an error every single time you make an update, or is it just some of the time? is it exactly the same error each time? tsmith13 noted an “Error: Not Found” message. are you consistently seeing exactly the same thing, or are you seeing something else?

i wonder if you were having multiple people update the list of folks to include in the project? i noticed that if i submit an addition for user A in one tab and at the same time submit an addition for user B in another tab, when both are complete only B has been added. but then if i submit an addition for user C, then A and C will both be added at that point. so maybe you can only have one person making updates at a time without getting quirkiness?

Yes, for sure. We have multiple admins. I agree that even the errors are wonky. I have been able to add and take people off myself. Thanks for all your help. We may just limp along or create a new bioblitz. Hopefully some of these people will a) look at nature and b) use the platform.

i think this may be a trigger for at least some of the gremlins, if multiple admins are making updates at the same time. it’s fine to have multiple admins, but maybe just ask them to make updates at different times?

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