Restrict the observations just to class members?

I have trying to set up an autumn flower and pollinator BioBlitz project for a high school class. I have done BioBlitzes for a specific place before, but didn’t have to restrict it to specific people. Is there a way to restrict observations in the project to just class members?
We have used the “include user” function to add all the members of the class, but testing it with friends shows that anyone else can also join the project. Suggestions?
Thank you!

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If you restict observations only to list of people it won’t matter if anyone else will join the project, their observations shouldn’t be added.


Hello @melodi_96, thank you so much. To make sure I understand, restricting the observations means using the “Include Users” function, right? Is there anything else I need to do to restrict the users?


Yes, that should be all you need.


I tested your project for you. It allowed me to join, but would not allow me to post observations. So you should be fine.

BTW, from the description on the main project page, it looks like you did not set any limits on location. But with a limited group of users, you probably didn’t need to limit location.

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