Adding ID doesn't auto mark as reviewed in certain cases

I don’t think this is intentional, so I’m reporting as a bug.

Normally adding an identification to an observation automatically marks it reviewed. However, if you mark an observation as reviewed, then un-mark it reviewed, then add any identification to it, it doesn’t get automatically marked reviewed.


@kueda - is it intentional?

I can only get this to happen if I’ve manually unchecked the box. If I delete an ID, it marks the observation as unreviewed, and then when I add a new ID, it does mark it as reviewed automatically.

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I don’t think it’s intentional. Can you please provide steps to reproduce the issue, including URLs of the pages you were on, or screens in the app if you were using one of the apps?

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  • Go to Identify and use the Modal
  • Pick any observation and Mark as Reviewed
  • In the same obs, un-Mark as Reviewed
  • Add an ID

Expected behavior: obs gets Marked as Reviewed when ID is added
Actual behavior: obs does not get Marked as Reviewed

I did it on this obs, but it works on any:

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Thanks, will fix. FWIW, even when a bug happens under multiple conditions, it helps to have specific conditions so I or any other developer can reproduce it quickly and consistently.

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For sure I normally would provide more specific URLs, but the one I used ( was not going to show this particular observation by the time you looked at it, and since it works for all obs, it didn’t seem worth constructing the Identify URL that would contain this particular observation.

The same thing happens for me on any observation detail page as well.

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Should be fixed now and it’s working for me on both Identify and obs detail.

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