Adding refining ID doesn't refresh "Reviewed" status on Identify page

The Identify page in the web interface (in Chrome in my case) dims the tile for each observation as it is reviewed by the identifier. There is a bug where, if the identifier adds a refining ID (such as moving a genus ID to species or a species to subsepcies), the tile is often left un-dimmed.

To reproduce:

  1. Run a search in Identify to bring up a collection of observations that includes some for which you are likely to be able refine the ID.
  2. Click on an observation to bring up the Identify dialog floating above the collection of observations.
  3. Navigate through the observations providing IDs as appropriate.
  4. When you add a confirming ID, this triggers the checkmark next to “Agree” on the observation’s tile in the underlying page to change to spinning arrows. When the update is confirmed by the server, the tile is dimmed to indicate the observation has been automatically marked as reviewed.
  5. When you add a refining ID (such as suggesting a subspecies), nothing changes on the underlying Identify page.

The result of this is that after an identifier has reviewed 30 observations, only the ones given a confirming ID will be dimmed on the Identify page to indicate that they have been reviewed.

In fact, the actual observation records are updated correctly – it’s only that they don’t show as such on the Identify page.

[Edited 9/1/2020 to clarify that the issue appears to be with refining IDs vs confirming IDs. Previously I had stated that the issue was related to adding infrataxa IDs, but it seems that this was just because those are often refining IDs.]


I’m not able to replicate this consistently, I just added several ssp level IDs and they were marked as reviewed. I do see sometimes that observations I’ve reviewed are not grayed out, but can’t find a pattern to it.


Thanks for checking.

I’m not certain that it’s an absolute distinction, but it feels like a very strong trend. Maybe the underlying cause is something like a timeout. I’m hypothesizing that the Identify page doesn’t get a response to a specific REST API call within a certain time and so it stops looking to update the UI (e.g. to dim the tile for a reviewed observation or to update the value displayed for a phenology field, which I’ve seen similar issues with). Maybe there is server-side logic in the processing of a new infrataxa ID that delays the response compared to a new ID at species level (or maybe just when compared to a confirming ID).

EDIT: After more checking, it seems this is more associated with adding a refining ID as opposed to a confirming ID. Three observations where I added the subspecies failed to get dimmed to reflect that they were reviewed; one where I confirmed the existing subspecies ID was updated correctly.


I reviewed these unknowns with the blue checks, but they didn’t get marked as reviewed. Some of them I added an ID to, other ones I just hit r to review without adding an ID. I can’t remember which update to the Identify page made this start happening, but it’s been inconsistently marking as reviewed for at least a few months.


I’ve noticed this for a while as well. An easy way to reproduce consistently is this:

  1. Go to “Identify”
  2. Click “Filters” dropdown
  3. For Category, select “Unknown”
  4. On any observation other than the last one on the page:
    Add an identification to any level but do not hit save
  5. Using the keyboard, tab down to “Save”
  6. Hit “Spacebar” or “Enter” and immediately hit “Right Arrow”
  7. Wait until it finishes saving the previous identification.
  8. Close the identify popup
    Result: The one you just identified will NOT be marked as reviewed in the “Identify” base page UI (It will be marked as reviewed on the server)
    Expected: Once it finishes saving, it should mark it in the UI as reviewed

Note: If you open up that observation in the Identify page again (for example, by clicking on it), it will get marked in the UI.

Also, when you right-arrow after you ID the last one on the page, it will not count the ones you skipped through like this (so I often get messages like “You reviewed 1 of 30 observations on this page…”

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Recently I have noticed a general increase in latency in the Identify modal before Reviewed status gets applied. Not huge, but noticeable. Even when the graying first shows up, if I then refresh the modal with the browser, the last observation IDed still shows up unreviewed. But after a second refresh, it doesn’t. Eventually everything that should be marked as reviewed seems to show up that way. Very occasionally, if I arrow away to the next observation too quickly (like, milliseconds quick), it may not get marked at all.

So I’m thinking variations in people’s workflow speeds and connection speeds might account for some or all of the inconsistencies noted in this topic.


Agreed. If I use the mouse to save & navigate, it rarely shows up. When I use the keyboard (my typical workflow) it shows up often. I think this is related to the speed (not the actual mouse)