Adding to a project from offline observations

Hello! Sorry to ask a support question here, and please let me know if there is a better category in which to ask.

I made several observations on a GPS-enabled, non-data device yesterday, and the observations correctly captured my geo-coordinates. However, after connecting to the internet, my observations did not get linked to a project that has this location as its requirement. (It allows observations by any member). Is it possible to connect observations after being in offline mode?

Here is an example of an observation I’d like to connect:

Here is the project I’m hoping to connect it to:

The one thing I can think of is maybe I’d need to increase the accuracy of my gps recordings from 65m to something smaller, but I was recorded as being just across the street from the site which is pretty darn close.

Thanks a lot! This community and project are so cool,

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Hi Renee - welcome to the iNat Forum! You’re right that the map location does need to be updated. The pinpoint has to fall within the boundaries of a place in the project filters. Since it’s currently across the street, it doesn’t fall with the place. If this was a GPS/mapping error, you can edit it by clicking that blue Edit button in the top right and choose the more accurate location on the map. You can also edit your observations from your mobile app.

And if the plant actually was growing across the street, then it wouldn’t quality for inclusion in the project.


@bouteloua Thank you so much! I edited the pin drop and that worked. Have a great day :)


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