App Uploading Repeats of Photos!

Hello, I am on an android device (a samsung phone). The app version is 1.21.10 (477).

The problem is fairly simple:

I click the + button in the bottom right

I click “choose image”

when I select multiple images, it very often uploads several repeats of the same image, and I have to manually upload them one by one.

Could you link an example please? I think you’d need to send log files after it happens next time.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how I would link an example, and I don’t know how I would send log files either.

You should let those duplicates stay and link an observation with them, from website.
To send log files you need to go to about page in the app and tap 3 times on app version number.

Here is an observation where the first two photos are repeats:

And in this observation the first and the sixth photos are repeats:

There are probably many more since it’s a glitch that happens to me quite a lot, but these were the only ones I could find in a few minutes.

Here is a third, in which the first two photos are repeats:

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The next time this happens can you please send a screenshot and log files to

How would I send log files?

I told you above, but here’s an answer to topic about another bug:

Oh sorry I didn’t notice

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Alright, I think I sent it, but it’s kind of unclear since my phone is being really weird right now and it was unclear whether it actually sent or not. I was also not able to take screenshots because my phone isn’t working for that either.

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