Associate the button 'View all' on collection project overview pages directly to search all observations in it

In continuation of the previous consideration of this subject:
please, associate the “View all” button in the overview page of collection projects directly to the result of search of all observations of a project, e.g.
This will show a long scrollable page of observations with a possibility to pass to other pages.
Currently this button is misleading as it leads not to all observations but to a long scrollable page with unknown number (several hundreds) of recent observations, like this
with no explicit tool to see all observations (for this purpose the ‘Search’ button should be pressed, as @bouteloua kindly explained
but that should othwerwise be guessed).

This change will lead to several benefits:

  1. overcome the diserepancy of the button meaning (view all) and the result (viewing an unknown number of most recent observations) and make the logis straightforward:

  2. satisfy both those who would like to see most recent observations (on the opening page) and those who would like to see all observations indeed (they will pass to further pages);

  3. make the result more corresponding to the very sense of collection projects which are said to be just saved search forms;

  4. remove the duplication of functions in expense of the page currently associated with ‘View all’ button
    (like, with an unknown number of most recent observations, which is nowhere explained and is not really necessary;

  5. prevent further raising this subject in forum, especially in the bug report section, from someone (like me recently) who are mislead by the ‘View all’ button assuming it in a direct sense.

Earlier this subject was several times discussed in the context of suggestions to add a line with further page numbers at the end of the opening page
(with unnecessary discussions what is a bug and what is the majority of users). It was explained (in the same thread linked above) by the staff in the sense that adding the line with page numbers would be a duplication of the search function. Actually it is the page currently associated with the ‘View all’ button (like which is an unnecessary duplication of functions, moreover causing misunderstandings since the result does not correspond to the button meaning. So this suggestion is a matter of reduction of the duplicated functuions rather than of their duplication.

Made an issue for this:

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This has been implemented. “View All” will now direct you to Explore filtered for observations in the project.

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