Back-Arrow from Observation leads to dead-end

HP Laptop, Win10[Ver 20H2, 64-bit];

Chrome[100.0.4896.60; 64-bit]

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.):

Step 1: Explore

Step 2: Fill in my County: Guadalupe County, Texas, USA

Step 3: Click on an Observation

Step 4: Click Back-Arrow, hoping to return to the Observation list for my

Step 5: Arrive at dead-end shown in screen shot; usual screen controls such as Back-Arrow do not work.

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I don’t have this issue… I’m wondering if it may just be your browser; have you tried clearing your cache? Or trying on another browser/computer?

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Yeah, I haven’t heard of this issue and I can’t replicate on my Mac. Interestingly, your screenshot shows place_id=805 which is not iNat’s place for Guadalupe County. Guadalupe County is place 382:

Either way, it would be great if, when you reach that dead-end screen, you open up your browser’s console and share a screenshot which shows the console. The console should show any errors the browser is encountering. Here are instructions for how to open the console:

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Thank you for your response tiwane. I monitor two counties, Guadalupe and Comal(both Texas), so the first screen might have been Comal.

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My bad. Clearing the browser cache fixed the problem. My apologies!