Cannot combine observations with drag and drop

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

Description of problem: Upload 2 or more pictures and then try to drag and drop them on top of each other to combine.

The regular combine button still works, however.

I took a video of the problem:

It still works for me… weird.

Does it happen for other photos? Do you have any extensions installed?

did you try restarting your browser and trying this again? i can’t reproduce.

Why not use the control key and just click on the ones you want to combine. Imho, this is easier.

It happens for all the photos. Chrome was recently updated for me a few days ago, maybe it started then.
The only extensions I have are an Ad Block, Honey, and Grammarly.

Yes I did

just eliminating other possibilities, do you see this problem if you do this in Firefox?

No I do not

i just updated Chrome on my mac to 97.0.4692.99 and can’t replicate.

  • have you tried turning off extensions and trying?

  • can you please open up the browser console and share a screenshot of it after you attempt to drag and drop photos? It might have recorded some errors. Here are instructions for opening the browser console.

Nothing pops up when I do it.

I just reinstalled Chrome and cleared all the cookies and cache.
It now works.