Can't exit project screen on app

iOS, version 2.8.7, build 558

Open the app --> click observe --> select photo from library --> hit projects tab to add to projects. From this point, I cannot exit the project screen; the back button does not work. I have to close the app, reopen, and edit the observation, and only then can press the back button from that screen. But then every new observation I add, same problem.

I also get the same issue when I click the ‘i’ symbol to view the description/map for AI suggested species; I cannot exit the new screen using the back button

Is your phone running iOS 14? I think this is only happening in version 2.8.7 on iOS 14. Are you able to update the app to version 3.0?

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Yep that fixed it. I was running iOS 14 (just updated the other day); updated the app to 3.0 and it’s working now. Also very keen for multi-photo selection again!!

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