Unclear message when leaving a project ("OK" or "Leave")

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Step 1: go to Projects
Click a project
Click Leave

If I want to bail, how do I back out? It’s not clear to me what the result is for either option. They kind of say the same thing to my mind


https://bethaitman.com/posts/ui-writing/confirmation/ :rofl:


Oh dear!

A colleague of mine encountered the same situation on a piece of lab equipment the other day - one choice would return the machine to factory settings, wiping out all our programmed methods, but which one?

He jumped the wrong way… alas!


A further, related problem: I tried hitting the “leave” button for a “collection” project I belong to, and I got the warning panel as shown above, saying “Are you sure you want to leave this project? This will also remove your observations from this project. OK / Leave.” My observations were automatically included in the project – I didn’t add them. Does this warning mean they would be eliminated from the project? Deleted from iNaturalist? I don’t know and didn’t want to find out, but it’s certainly not clear.

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Leaving will definitely not delete observations from iNat. For a collection project, the observations should remain in the project (since this is essentially a saved search), but the observations would not have the project badge on the observation page.

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Not really a bug but definitely a confusing choice of words on our part. Would “Cancel” be a better word than “OK”?

Made a Github issue here: https://github.com/inaturalist/INaturalistIOS/issues/680


Yes, Cancel would be more clear if that means, do not delete my observations from the project and do not leave project.

I might like an option leave any observations, but remove this project from my project list, which is loo long now :roll_eyes:.

Thank you for improving the labels

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How about something that clearly addresses the question in the warning:

Yes, I want to leave the project.

No, cancel this action.

The text in the buttons doesn’t have to be one word, does it? Make it clear.


This has been updated.

No, but it has to be pretty short. Also, new text would have to be translated. IMO this makes things more clear, although perhaps “Leave project” would be clearer. But you’ve already tapped on “Leave” so you should have some idea of what the intended action is.


That’s better. But it’s still a Yes/No question. “Yes, Leave.” “No, Cancel.”

(Maybe I’m being way too fastidious, but just thinking about those times on a computer when I was not thinking too clearly and clicked on the wrong option!)

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So, we cannot remove a project from the dropdown list without deleting the observations from that project?

I like an option leave any observations, but I just don’t want to see the project name any longer in my drop-list.

I am not interested anymore in some projects I joined previously. Is it possible to trim the dropdown list of project without deleting my observations from a project?

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It’s a little more complicated than that, and depends so much on the project. This error message is pretty old and only refers to traditional projects, even though it appears when you attempt to leave a collection proejct as well.

Bascially I’d recommend leaving a project via the website. When you leave a traditional project on the website you’re given an option to leave your observations in the project if you like. For a collection project, if the project requirements include Project Members Only, then your observations will also be removed from the project. In other cases for collection projects, leaving shouldn’t make a difference.

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