Can't find registrated Users

Hello there,
I started a project and I wanted to add the users. All off them created a new account. We wanted to use this platform in our group. But I can’t find (and add) the most of the users and I don’t now why. Does anybody know, what can be the problem?
Thanks in advance.

New users that are not active have limited access and limited rights. Maybe it is related to this?
Do the users you can add RG observations?

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This functionality may also depend on the type of project you are using (collection or traditional). If you post a link to your project, that will probably help.

No, none of them have these RG observations.
Thanks for the link. But I couldn’t find limitations for adding users.

I created a traditional one for only invited members. Do you know where I can find the link or it does not exists in this kind of project?
Thank you

The link for the project is just its webpage/address. You could also post an example username of a user that you are trying to add to the project but cannot.

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