Clean up currently available lexicons

Thank you. I have corrected all three mistake. Selete (Botswana) should be removed from the lexicon as well as the misspelling Setswapng. They were my mistakes.


Please consider keeping prefixes for names of southern African languages. The prefix shows the word is a language. Tswana would be wrong and perhaps meaningless without the correct prefix Se and only understandable or acceptable to an English person without the prefix. What is wrong with Setswana as the iNat language name ?Can’t iNat language names in Africa be made afrocentric rather than anglocentric, just to keep the English natives happy ! Perhaps iNat should consider removing superfluous suffixes. Do we really need SH at the end of a language name ? Can’t the names Engl, Wel, Ir, Span, Swed, Dan,Turk be used if suffixes and prefixes are an iNat taboo ? It would be much simpler and words would be shorter.
Why does iNat feel a strong need to perpetuate the linguistic mistakes of the colonial British in southern Africa, while African Govts are trying to reafricanise the names of their languages and shake off the colonial legacy of fake or wrong English names? This implies there is a need to select the correct and most acceptable and up-to-date name for each language. Is it going to be Swazi, Siswati or Swati ? Which is most correct and acceptable to somebody living in Eswatini ( not colonial Swaziland }. Names of countries get changed and corrected so why not languages as well ? Please consider keeping the correct language prefixes !

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Please keep the Botswana language Selete and dont remove the prefix to change the language name to Lete. Lete is a language name in Ghana. Prefixes are sometimes useful since they inform us which part of Africa the language name belongs to. They also group similar languages/dialects together in the language list. Does iNat need to emulate the mistakes of Wiki by removing important prefixes ?

Coming from iKapa (Cape Town) where the local language is isiXhosa - it amuses me that the website is called

Africa rules!

iKapa - altho the Wiki should use i not I

I wonder why and who chose to name us ‘i Naturalist’ ?

In fact those language names should all be searchable. With the main entry under the singe ‘default accepted English’ version.
In the same way that we can search for taxonomy synonyms.
A living language is a life form, and the name changes as history unfolds. And is rewritten. (Or reinvented)

I wonder how many people using iNat in English (or Spanish or …) are working with their second, or even third language?

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Ju Hoan, Ju|'hoan, Juǀ’Hoan → Juǀ’hoan

Why use a letter L to replace a click symbol. Surely Wiki is wrong to rename the language in this way or leave out the | because it is difficult to pronounce by some.

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It is not a lowercase L, it is the dental click character. The font used here in the forum renders both in a similar way.

If characters are left out of a name, would that not also be renaming the language?