Collapse long list of taxa in a project

I am administrating a project about neobiota in Luxembourg for quite some time now. Till now it was an “old style” project that had a “must be on list” rule.

I now finally converted the project to a “new” type of project and am adding the taxa from the list as “Observation Requirements”. This list is however quite large, nearly 150 taxa. Now all the taxa are displayed on the project page:
which moves the map to the bottom of the page.

The same happens if a lot of users (or i guess places) are added to a project:

Maybe it would be useful to somehow only show part of the list (if exceeding a certain length) and have a “expand the list / show all requirements” function to reduce the size of the project page.

Looks like the forum truncated your screenshot, at least in the preview thumbnail. Here’s another, illustrating the issue:


Yes, we’re seeing this same issue with the Discord iNat collection projects which have long lists of users in the rules. I like the idea of a collapse/expand, maybe showing in the collapsed state “must be (/observed by/from) one of N taxa/observers/places (click to expand)” i.e. just lists the total number of entities in the list.

thanks @bouteloua
@benarmstrong good to hear that someone else is have the same issue

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Made a github issue:

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