Colors coding on maps

I saw a thread on this prior but the answer didn’t seem to match what I’m seeing. What does the gold color mean on this map? I see observations in the state. Thank you.


Oops, you mentioned knowing this in your initial post.
See answer here:

I don’t know how long it takes map colors to update, though, because that map has Alabama in gold/orange, but from your link the Alabama Alabama observation reached RG 2 months ago:


To recap:
orange = on the checklist, but with no RG observations
green = on the checklist, but with RG observations

They shouldn’t take two months to percolate through the system, I’m guessing they got stuck for the same reason that life lists get stuck, i.e. lists are a little buggy.

To fix it, you can go to the checklist entry and click refresh:

I already did this for the Alabama checklist and you can see it turned from orange to green:


Got it @jwidness! Thank you very much!

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