Deep sea wildlife tourism: anything today?

I’ve seen a few cool documentaries relating to deep sea wildlife, and I wonder whether there are submarine tours for that nowadays.

All I’ve found on the internet are news articles saying this may be the future of marine tourism, but nothing yet.


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I don’t know of deep sea ones, but there are shallow/coastal ones like these:

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I’d actually been looking at this sort of thing recently! Here’s a list of submarine tour links I had saved, though not all are deepsea. Note that I haven’t curated this at all, it’s just a bunch of links I have stored. I haven’t looked into most of these, though I did go on a shallow-water submarine in Cozumel. Think that went to about 100 feet? Really cool, but definitely not deepsea, it’s still proper reef. You do see a dropoff into the depths at the end of the tour, but you don’t go down.

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