Delayed notifications

I see my last photos are already RG for 10+ mins, but I got no notifications since 30 mins ago, is it something to be expected now?

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So, can anyone tell me anything about my problem? It still happens and I still didn’t recieve those notifications I mentioned before.

are you getting no notifications for any new IDs, or is it just specific observations / IDs?

i believe that if you view an observation, it will clear any ID / comment notifications associated with that observation. i wonder if it’s possible that you were looking at your observation, and that cleared out your notification before it had a chance to pop up?

I don’t get them for some, so I have no idea about % of missing, they just not appearing anywhere, and no, I posted my notification tab with time to show that it’s not there. And it happens on more obs.

I’m starting to experience the same. The last notification I received was for 4 hours ago, but I just received it.

I know I have many more; I’m just not receiving notifications immediately.

I also got those I posted last time, they were made at 3a.m. and appeared as notifications 4 hours later.

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