Easy adding of location for snorkel sightings

Please help. I wish to load numerous snorkel sightings but as the underwater camera does not have gps locations it appears I must work with the global map every time I add anything. Is there a quicker way to do this? All snorkel records from one survey are within a small geographic location.
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When you’re in the upload screen, add all your photos for the survey, and then tick the ‘select all’ box.

From there, click on the location bar on the far left → type in the rough location in the search bar at the pop up, then you can pick the specific site with your mouse. The location will then be applied to everything at once.

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And just to add the @thebeachcomber’s post above, you can adjust the accuracy level as well to a value you think is reasonable.


If you will return to an area, you can save coordinates as “pinned locations” for repeated use.

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Another trick is to pin the location so you can select the area quickly. The pin button is in the bottom right corner of the global map. Once pinned, the location will show up as selection option in the Location field.

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welcome to the forum. in addition to what others have mentioned, this may or may not be useful: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/determining-coordinates-and-uncertainty/19114.

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Here’s a tutorial video for the web uploader, which includes a section on pinning locations. The pinned location feature was originally requested by divers, so I used a popular snorkel/dive spot on O’ahu for the example here. :-)

Many thanks to everyone for your help. This advice will certainly speed things up and I will share it with our group
All good wishes,

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