Using up/down arrows to scroll through Identify/Suggestions

Using Google Chrome I was attempting to identify a butterfly. I went to Identify/Suggestions and it presented me with over 400 suggestions. Given the scroll bar on the right side of the suggestions is only about 6 inches long on my computer, that is about 60 suggestions per inch of scroll, which is impossible to navigate.

My suggestion is to use the up/down arrows to individually scroll through the suggestions, page up/down to scroll through a page at a time, and home and end to travel to the respective ends of the suggestion page.

Thanks - having been a software developer, I greatly appreciate all the work behind this app.

it’s actually possible to use up and down, but you have to tab into the section that has all the suggestions first. (you can’t just click in the section.) the tabbing is actually really hard to follow, and i have a hard time predicting where exactly the next tab will take me on the screen.


That is useful to know, @pisum thanks.

@joerich I requested this in 2019 - and the request is still open with no response, for what it’s worth.

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@joerich don’t forget to vote for your own request (common oversight, not intuitive to a fair share of people)
Outside of your suggestion, given 400 suggestions, I will often switch from the first choice in the
Suggestions Filtered By: Source: ObservationsË…
Suggestions Filtered By: Source: Visually SimilarË…
which is selected via the caret (Ë…) drop down menu
This might bring back a selection of 10 or so vary similar looking (sort of sometimes?) organisms

This has been implemented.